Where we are

Magamila is the name of a farmland situated in the center of Sicily

How it works

Our advanced irrigation system allows us to grow and flourish our olive trees.

From the lake, the water is pumped artificially to a big pool situated at the highest point of the land.

During the dry season, when the temperature rises, the plants get their water from an irrigation system, diverted from the pool, which waters every single tree by gravity.

In November we collect our olives and within a few hours are brought straight to the mill. They are cold pressed to turn into olive oil.

The milling process is carried out within 48 hours from the harvesting so that the produced oil retains its natural excellence in scent and taste. The olive oil (obtained by mechanical means and cold extracted) is placed in barrels which are at a constant temperature and there the decanting process begins.

The unique flavour comes from a combination of different olives: Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Nocellara.

The plants are free from any chemicals because our policy is to respect and represent an organic environment.

View/Download Magamila Organic Food Accreditation.